Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three easy steps to get your child to do homework first!

If you're like most moms of school-aged students, getting them to do homework is probably a battle on the home front. Naturally, you prefer that they complete the homework so you know that it's done. Kids, on the other hand, prefer to take a break and put if off until later, a lot later. They often misjudge how long it will take to do an assignment and most kids don't know how to prepare for tests or quizzes. So how do you convince a student that they should do there homework first?

By using a Merit Planner, your children will learn how to get their homework done in three easy steps. First, ask your children to enter in all of their classes at the approximate times the classes take place (for the semester). Second, ask your children to enter their assignments on the dates that they are due (not on the day they are assigned). This helps them to prioritize their responsibilities. And third, ask your children to block off time to do each task for every assignment including studying for tests, working on projects, and completing homework.

Your children will quickly see how much time it will take to do their homework and study for tests. I'm always happy to see that the students block off time to get the work done earlier in the day so they can be sure to get it done before bedtime. When they realize that they won't get their work done when they start after dinner, they'll be the ones to make the change in their routine.

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