Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seniors: Start your college application essays now!

If you're a college-bound senior, use your summer break to get started on your college application essays and personal statements. Go online or call the admissions department at your prospective colleges to get the prompts. Spend a few days brainstorming about what you would like to discuss and how you want to position yourself. Draw up an outline and a rough draft, then write several drafts over the next two months. Ask your high school English teacher and other good writers to edit your essays. Give yourself several days between edits so you have time to get away from them and take a fresh look each time you work on them.

The Common Application, used by almost 400 colleges and universities nationwide, is online ( and ready to start now. This requires one 150-word essay and a second essay that is minimum of 250-words. Each college's supplemental application form will also require essays; check with each college's website or the's website to organize your supplemental essay topics. The UCs and CSUs will be ready to start in September but you can only submit between November 1st and 30th. The CSUs don't require any essays; the UCs require two. Go online to universityofcalifornia@edu/admissions to get essay topics. The UC essays/personal statements allow a maximum of 1000 words for both essays.

If you have any questions about essay topics and need help writing your essays, Merit offers excellent tutors who help students find their voices and polish their writing skills. Call (831) 462-5655 or use our online College Advisory service.

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