Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Psst! Give your child a head start -- Prepare for the PSAT!

Should your child prepare for the PSAT? Yes, I recommend that students start taking the PSAT in 9th grade. That way, they're better prepared to take it in 11th grade when the scores are used to determine Merit Scholarships. By preparing for the PSAT, your child will increase his/her odds of scoring in the top 1-5% in the nation. Merit Scholars and Semifinalists have an advantage in the college admissions process.

This preliminary SAT was designed to give students a taste for the real SATs. It is given every October at local high schools, and if your high school doesn't offer the PSAT, you can sign up to take it at another school. There is a nominal fee ($13), and the good news is that college admissions committees don't see these scores.

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