Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to Beat the College Admissions Odds!

Want to boost your students’ acceptance percentages to selective colleges? As you know, colleges are looking for outstanding students – those who strive to take the most rigorous courses and ace the SATs. But why aren’t those students admitted? Colleges are accepting students who are “engaged” and “interesting.” That’s why successful students start projects. I would be happy to give a seminar (for free) for your students and families to show them how projects will help with college admissions. Preview a video of my seminar.

If each of your college-bound students should do a project, their acceptance into top-choice colleges would increase significantly. Your percentage of seniors accepted at selective universities will double. To learn more about projects, check out this book Beat the College Admissions Game: Do a Project! to see how powerful a project can be in the admissions game. The book is very affordable and it walks the students through every step to complete a project. And, if they hit road blocks, they can work with Merit’s College Online Advisors to get over the hump! It won’t require that you or your teachers add more on to your already overwhelming workload, and it will double your students’ acceptance rates!

Besides helping your students to get into their first-choice colleges, your students will be taking the initiative to fix problems in our society. Please contact me at 831.462.5655

Give your students this tip to give them the edge they’ll need to get into their first-choice colleges!

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