Friday, August 21, 2009

If You Don't Choose Your Children's Classes, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Budget cuts are hacking away at the integrity of our public schools. High school counselors are often overloaded with students. This is detrimental to our children because then, the counselor’s goal becomes less about setting up a tailored college track for each student and instead, focuses on keeping the line moving. When the counselors' goal is to make sure that a student just graduates high school in four years, many average students get put on the graduation track as opposed to the college-bound track. Parents can no longer sit back and take for granted that their children's academic future will be mapped out for them. The best way to ensure that your children receive a stellar education is to take those courses that top college admission committees like to see on transcripts and the best way to get in these courses is to complete their four-year high school plan before they enter high school.

By selecting all of the courses your children will take throughout their high school tenure, your child’s counselor will recognize that your child is on the college track. You can create a plan with your counselor during the school year and encourage your child to understand and embrace it. That way, each year when students are required to make requests for the following year's classes, your child's choices will already be in place.

I recommend that parents email their counselors prior to enrollment dates, requesting specific classes and teachers during the spring and summer and before counselors are overwhelmed with the rush of all the latecomers. Roll up your sleeves and mark your calendar now!


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