Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to get the most out of a College Tour

One of the best ways for your children to know whether or not a college is a good fit is to tour the college with a student guide. Walking around the campus, visiting classrooms and facilities, eating in the dining halls, and mingling with the students will give you a feel for the college life. Remember, the student guides are paid to sell you on the school and they recite a memorized pitch as they walk backwards along a predetermined path. While this speech is informative, you'll get the most out of the tour if you walk along side the guide and ask your own questions.

Ask the student guide how difficult it is to get into general ed classes. If your children know their majors, inquire about the department and research opportunities. Make a list of the guide's favorite professors and classes. Ask about the social life, school spirit, and other things you're curious about. This is probably your best opportunity to get an insider's view of the college so be prepared -- write a list of questions!


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. Saw your comment on MBC and came over to meet you. What a coincidence! I have a post up today about taking one of my oldest (I have twins) to college for the first time.


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