Friday, March 23, 2012

Summer School Keeps the Momentum Going

Summer will be here soon, and the educational momentum your child has been gaining doesn’t need to slow down for summer. We think you should use the summer break to give your child a head start, with one-on-one instruction and tutoring in your own home.

Imagine you have a steady regimen of jogging three miles a day, five days a week. You are in amazing shape. You eat well and have plenty of energy when the weekend comes along. Then you decide to take three months off jogging. Three months later, your legs and arms have lost their tone. You are out of breath at the top of the stairs and you have gained some fat around your midsection.

This is what happens to your child’s brain in the summer months. By the time they are back in school in September, it takes until October to get to the same fitness level as before the break. Then the holidays come and some more brain workouts are sacrificed, and your child really doesn’t get back into the momentum again until January.

Merit Academy has always recommended summer school. The reason for the three month summer “break” is outdated and extremely difficult, especially for the typical two-income working parents who need to occupy their children all summer. The American school calendar was originally designed to accommodate our agricultural society back in the 1700's. At that time, farming families depended on the summer harvest and consequently needed their children to participate in the crop and livestock workload.

Nowadays most children are not helping with the farm. Twelve weeks off from school has become a financial burden as parents scramble to find all-day camps and summer programs that act as babysitters for their young ones.

As well as being outdated, public summer school programs are mostly fluff instead of individual. Some parents with the option of “staying home” opt out of summer school completely, choosing to take small trips to the grandparents, vacations and pool days.

While taking a break and relaxing after 180 days of school can be rejuvenating, any more than four weeks off begins to have a negative effect on memory and retention.

According to, children lose ground in math and reading, which unfortunately means that upon returning to school in the Fall, the teacher spends the first four to six weeks reviewing last year’s material. Students also fall out of sync with other aspects of learning such as time management and studying. Most students admit that they get bored during the summer if they don't have plans to participate in programs or work.

Students who spend their summers doing constructive activities start school in the fall ready to learn. This is why we highly recommend it.

Merit is not your typical summer school program. The Merit Summer Enrichment Program works to pinpointing what your child needs to know for the upcoming school year, and matching him or her with a tutor to fill in the educational gaps. We need to be sure your child loves reading and understand math facts before going on to the next grade. We start lessons on day one. Your child can prepare for school and college with one-on-one skill building classes.

We offer:

  1. Math Skill Building
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Literature Appreciation
  4. Professional Internship Program
  5. Writer’s Intensive Guidance
  6. Research Paper Workshop
  7. College Application Essay Workshop
  8. SAT I Prep
  9. SAT II Intensive Workshop
  10. College Advisory
  11. The Personal Project

The program is something to look into if you are serious about keeping the educational momentum going. In the long run, your child will be better for it. Have a look at our Summer Enrichment Program.

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