Thursday, August 13, 2009

At Last, We Can Make Money For College Shopping!

Yes, it is true and it works nicely. I was browsing through the web a while back and came across this site, but I wasn't sure about it. Not enough to sign up...until today. I found this post Save For College While You Shop - by my friend JoJo it inspired me to register, and I encourage you as well. You can save some serious dollars, and it's FREE!

Upromise is a website designed to help save money when buying everyday expenses we already incur. Shopping online yields receive 25% of any purchase from 600 participating stores. Just sign up and start saving. Make sure you are signed in to Upromise before purchasing anything online. Download the toolbar to make is easy.

Register your credit cards so that every time you dine out at a supporting venue, 8% of your costs goes toward college. Still skeptical? You could just become a preferred diner. eTrust is Upromise's privacy provider, which is a highly reputable company. Rest assured, your card numbers won't be phished out by some computer hack.

You could also use Upromise to pay off your loans. Just link to your Sallie Mae account. Find out more.


  1. Just wandering through via Twitter Moms. It's nice to "meet" you!

    (BTW, I'm now following you!)


  2. I've been using upromise for awhile. If you buy alot at the grocery store, it can really add up.

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