Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Merit Sent Students Off to the Following College Institutions

Our List of Selective Colleges Speaks for itself:

Stanford University
Harvard University
Yale University
Johns Hopkins University
Cornell University
Brown University
Duke University
Princeton University
Claremont McKenna College
Pomona College
Scripps College
Harvey Mudd College
Pitzer College
University of Southern California
University of Pennsylvania
University of California Los Angeles
University of California Berkeley
University of California San Diego
University of California Santa Barbara
University of California Davis
University of California Santa Cruz
University of California San Francisco
University of California Irvine
University of California Riverside
Santa Clara University
Lewis and Clark University
Cal Poly
Mills College
Occidental College
Chapman University
University of San Diego
University of San Francisco
Pepperdine University
Wesleyan University
Georgetown University
Emory University
Morehouse College
Northwestern University
University of Chicago
Bates College
Berklee College of Music
Boston College
Brandeis University
Boston Conservatory
Emerson College
Northeastern University
Tufts University
Columbia University
New York University
Juilliard School
Marist College
Syracuse University
Wake Forest University
Oberlin College
Reed College
Whitman College

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