Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Secret to getting your child into Top Colleges!

Besides GPAs (grades) and SAT/ACT (standardized tests) scores, what are top-ranked college admissions officers looking for in their incoming students? They're looking for outstanding, curious, interesting students. Long gone are the days of recruiting bookworms and science nerds. Colleges want to build a class of students who are bright and innovative. That's why doing a project is the best kept secret to getting your child into the best colleges.

By doing an independent project -- not something that is required for a class and not a community service -- your child will position himself to stand out among his peers. Rather than write about how he hopes to save the planet someday, your child could write about how his project is saving the planet. Personal statements, essays, and interviews are more interesting when students can discuss how and why they started their projects. They give the students talking points -- and that gives them an advantage in the admissions process!

If you're worried that your child can't do a project on his or her own, check out this book "Beat the College Admissions Game: Do a Project!". The book walks students through the entire process of doing a project from brainstorming to completion. And if your child needs help or support along the way, Merit College Advisors can guide them through any part or the entire process


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  2. Oh wow! I wish I had had all this college stuff when I went off to college myself! Following from MBC!

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is great information!

  4. Thanks for reading! With college application deadlines coming soon, we'll update weekly. Send me your questions for future blogs!

  5. Great post. Important information, although I'm not there yet with a 9 and 6 year old. But, we're giving money to my husbands alma matter (Harvard) but not mine (Berkeley). Who knows if this makes sense:)

    Great site.

    Christina from Mom Bloggers Club

  6. This is some great info, thank you for putting it out there.

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