Saturday, September 5, 2009

SAT and ACT deadlines coming soon!

If your child will be taking the SATs or ACTs this fall, sign up now to avoid late fees. Most colleges will accept the Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec scores for 2010 applications. Apply online and pay by credit card.

Here are some resourceful links to help you plan accordingly.

Test Date: Oct 10
Regular Registration: Sept 9
Late Registration: Sept 23

Test Date: Nov 7
Regular Registration: Oct 1
Late Registration: Oct 15

Test Date: Dec 5
Regular Registration: Oct 30
Late Registration: Nov 12

Test Date: Oct 24
Regular Registration: Sept 18
Late Registration: Oct 2

Test Date: Dec 12
Regular Registration: Nov 6
Late Registration: Nov 20

If your child needs SAT or ACT prep, check with local tutorial companies and set this up soon. Merit offers SAT/ACT prep; call (831) 462-5655 or visit

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