Thursday, May 28, 2009

05.28.2009 - CSU’s New Campus-wide Impaction Rules and How it will Effect You

May 2009 Newsletter

For the first time in California State University (CSU) history, many of the 23 campuses will not be able to offer admission to eligible California residents. State budget cuts have forced the CSU system to operate for several years with considerably less funding while frosh applications have increased by 20 percent and transfers by 36 percent. So far, only six campuses have declared “Impaction” status: Cal Poly SLO, CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, San Diego State, and Sonoma State; however, many others have considered new and more rigorous admissions criteria for the incoming 2009 and 2010 classes.

Most of the six CSU campuses listed above will give priority to high school students who live in the same county as the university as long as they meet eligibility requirements and apply within the appropriate deadlines. Until just a few years ago, this policy, which has always been in place, had not impacted admissions because most CSU campuses were able to accommodate their applicant pools. But now that the CSU’s have more applicants than they can admit, they are enforcing new admission standards.

After the CSU’s admit their regional applicants, they will consider students from other areas within California. Transfers and military veterans will receive special consideration and placement. The out-of-area applicants with the highest GPAs and SAT scores will be admitted in the next wave of reviews.

Even if your preferred CSU campus is not currently impacted, some of their majors may be. Students whose majors are impacted may be admitted in a “pre-major” status, which allows them to take lower division courses in their major before they apply to the impacted major. Students who attend colleges that don’t offer “pre-major” status may not be permitted to take lower division courses in that major, which will delay their graduation date. By keeping their GPA’s as high as possible, these students can increase their odds of getting into their preferred majors.

Students who are set on attending a particular CSU can enroll in a community college nearby the University campus. By doing so, they establish residency in the area and have the opportunity to improve their grades at the college level. This is one of the easiest ways to get into any of the impacted CSUs.

For more information about individual CSUs, call their admissions offices to get the latest news about their 2009-2010 application season. Apply early to improve your chances of getting in to your top colleges!

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