Friday, February 27, 2009


We have enclosed information about our tutorial, college admissions, and college advisory programs to post for teachers and/or parents to see. We offer a unique tutorial program that helps students to become more organized and build academic skills so they become successful in the classroom. Each one of our students is placed with tutors (one-to-one) based on their academic needs and learning styles. The students are either tutored here at Merit (in Soquel) or at the student’s home.

Students who have completed projects in the past have positively impacted the community, while significantly increasing their chances of college admissions. Our students have captured the attention of local publications, and discovered innovative ways to market themselves to the colleges of their dreams. Merit’s College Advisory offers a personalized service to support students prepare for college admissions.

Some of the unique benefits that the students receive at Merit are learning time management and organizational skills, and how to study for exams. All tutorial sessions begin with the tutor reviewing the student’s planner. To remain organized we ask students to enter all classes, all assignment due dates, AND when they plan to complete school work in their planners. By helping the student to learn how to plan the various stages of their research for papers or projects, we hope to instill good study skills. Often times, the student’s primary problem is disorganization.

Our tutors specialize in specific areas in order to be able to help the student with difficult concepts, homework and test preparation. After our Diagnostic Initial Session with our Educational Consultant, an Individual Tutorial Program is designed to build a strong academic foundation and to help the student with homework and to prepare for tests. We work with the classroom teachers to make sure assignments are turned in on time and that long-term projects are carefully scheduled in the students’ planners. Our goal is to help get the students back on track as soon as possible.

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